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 Officer Vic. 3809

 Tel: 0400 582 122

"Jac has an uncanny knack at finding the problem area. Systematically working through movement systems/patterns to see the link or lack of link that's causing the problem. Through a gentle, long term approach my mobility base has increased enormously and this has made training, moving and recovery far easy and more enjoyable. Moving well for life and moving well for sport go hand in hand and with Jac I have had the most success and enjoyed the process along the way "  Brett Hillier, Sartori Tennis Academy Coach                                                           

"After months of suffering from chronic pain and feeling exhausted after invasive procedures and specialist appointments, with no leads as to why my pain was occurring, a friend recommended I see Jac. After our first meeting, Jac took a great interest in helping me. This was the first time I had met with someone and after having explained my situation, she showed true empathy. Jac put in a lot of her own time and effort, providing me with education and found others in her field that could find a diagnosis and we could finally begin to move forward. 

Jac helped me to get off the medical merry go round and opened my eyes to alternative methods and exercises to relieve the pain. I cannot speak any more highly of her and would recommend the visit to anyone!"

Kate Green

"Weakness due to a femoral neuropathy in one leg resulted in walking difficulty, instability and several falls.  Medical feedback on a recovery was negative but a strong recommendation to consult Jac resulted in a flexible and achievable exercise program tailored to my needs.  Her clear and optimistic understanding of my problem has enabled me ultimately to resume playing golf, daily walking and jogging with pleasure and confidence.

            I have great respect for her professional expertise and empathy and will always be extremely grateful."

Richard Howells

"I have been working with Jac for several years after having tried a number of other types of exercise and movement. I am almost 65 and for me flexibility, strength and co-ordination are very important as I move into these years.That's what Jac does in her training sessions. The core premise is to look at the body as an integrated unit and to learn to move in a way that benefits the whole body. The movements are gentle but purposeful, and in my experience bring incredible results. Jac's knowledge of the body is extensive and her attention to the details of each person's wellbeing is exceptional. I know this kind of training will serve me in good stead for many years to come."

Anne Russo 

"I can highly recommend Jac Grangien of Primal Footprint and her integrative movement training.  Following 2 ½ years of struggling with Plantar Fasciitis, wearing Orthaheel shoes, strained left shoulder and hip problems, Jac’s training has restored my body back to normal balance, injury free and barefoot.  Thanks Jac!!

MT Adams